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A Prayer To Myself


The world has been a confusing and unsafe place and I’ve been on guard always ready for flight. I’ve carefully looked out for myself, like an over-protective mother. I’ve fought a long fight for justice for myself and others. Thank you for protecting me and vigilantly keeping me safe for all these years.

I have created security for myself. I recognize that and acknowledge myself for creating a safe space for myself, physically and financially. I am grateful to myself for doing this. I have created a calm refuge where I can live on my own in a lovely neighborhood where I can walk outside with Abby, with all I need nearby. I’ve brought beautiful people into my life who support me and share my visions.

I now bask in the safety I have created. Like swinging from a hammock in a cool breeze, just relaxing and enjoying the feeling of being alive.

I allow myself to have my emotions because I have tools for moving through them. I have better tools for moving through emotions than the tools I use to push them down. Allowing them means not crushing them when they ask to be seen (say, through self-medication or eating them down when they appear).

I release my complete and tight control, the holding in with my solar plexus, the carful regulation of every movement. I am willing to ease up a portion of control in order to balance my creative, emerging, freeing, whole self to come forth. This means embracing the herd of cats that are my emotions and doing so gratefully — thankful that I’ve created a safe space for this transformation.

I have been so tough on myself. I have held myself to an impossible standard, trying so hard to suppress my natural way of being, in order to stay on top of every whim and demand surrounding me.

I am gentle with myself for being myself and having the feelings and sensations that I do. It is okay to be me just as I am. I allow what that brings to come up and I hold and love myself for it.

What an adventure to discover these hidden parts of myself. What freedom, to speak my own truth. These words are my Manifesto of Myself. My own coming out as an individual who no longer has the option to hide.

Instead, I find my own peace. I turn to my own higher wisdom, and the highest wisdom of the collective.

I trust you.

Thank you.


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