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Lighting The Way Forward


June 13, 2016
by PoWa

In all things, Balance

“Trust your intuition. It never lies.” “Trust nothing but your own experiences.” “Trust your heart. It sees what the eyes cannot.” “Use your brain. Think while it’s still legal.” Each of these quotes glorifies one Base Function to the detriment … Continue reading


March 28, 2016
by PoWa
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MBTI & Astrology

Is the Myers Briggs system of personality typing any better than astrology? Astrology has been around for thousands of years — long enough to provide pretty accurate descriptions of human behavior.  The twelve sun signs describe twelve valid personalities we are … Continue reading


February 22, 2016
by PoWa

Scientific Models and Chakras

I recently wrote a post about scientific models and the scientific method. In brief, a model is a story or hypothesis (not a theory) that a person makes up because it sounds like a plausible explanation for some phenomenon. The … Continue reading


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