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Dear Julie,


Q. Hey, have you all noticed that your lips are so sensitive, they can feel your fingerprints? ~ESFP

A. Wow! I had never noticed that before, but you are right!

We all need to get back in touch with the physical reality of our bodies and the world around us. We spend way too much time worrying about the future, fretting over the past, and not enough time enjoying the moment.

It’s difficult for you as an Se (in the moment physical experience) to get any respect in this ultra goal-oriented, forward-striding, overly ambitious society that sacrifices today to the almighty dollar.

But the tide is turning in your favor! Society has begun to notice the value of returning to the moment and staying present. You are likely looking for a job right now, why not consider leading New Age Awareness classes at local yoga studios, athletic clubs, and outdoor stores. All you’ll have to do is take people out on your adventures with you.

Get one of your all responsible-like friends to set the business up for you (including liability release), and treat them to grand dinners with your proceeds. You’ll be great at doing your own sales and marketing, and think of all the new people you’ll meet and all the fun you’ll have! Quick forward this to that responsible friend before you get distrac…

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