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AbbyI have loved and cared for dogs my whole life. I dog sit regularly and have a 10 year old rat terrier, Abby, who loves the company. I trained her with Dog Whisperer principles. She’s great with other dogs and adjusts to their temperament and activity level. I work mostly from home so I’m usually with the dogs. 

Sitting Details

I prefer to take one dog at a time, but may take two if they come together. I prefer smaller dogs up to ~30 lbs since I live in an apartment, but I’ll consider larger dogs if they are calm and friendly.

The rates for daily and overnight sitting include at least one walk. If I leave, it will be only for a few hours and I can let the dogs roam the house, put them in one room, or use a kennel, depending on what the dog is used to.

Fees listed are per dog. For day care and boarding, the fee for a second dog is an additional half the original fee. For home visits, there is an additional $10 charge for every dog beyond the first per visit. (DogVacay didn’t provide a way to communicate that in the rates section!)

Special Needs

I work well with older dogs and special needs dogs who need a bit of extra attention to make sure they eat their food and get their medicines. For dogs with anxiety issues, I think it’s best for them to have a regular sitter — over the course of a few sittings, I’ve helped dogs go from extreme anxiety to acting like my place is their second home. I also take dogs for extended stay if an owner needs to be away for weeks or months at a time. I also work on leash training dogs who need a bit of instruction to heel on walks.

I live on the second floor, so dogs should be able to climb stairs, or be small enough and willing to let me carry them up and down. To potty, I take the dogs outside (3-5x day) and we walk up and down the sidewalk (in addn to the longer walk) out front where there is plenty of grass and shade. I live in a very dog friendly neighborhood.

Also, I’ve recently obtained a certificate of completion for the Dog Emotion and Cognition online course offered by Duke! It was fascinating and I learned quite a bit about dog thinking and communication.

Referrals and more information at Dog Vacay. Dog Vacay offers health liability insurance — covering the cost of emergency vet care should your dog need it while you are away. You can also CONTACT me here.


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