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Don’t Toss The Cheese Due To Mold


You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.”  Maybe you’ve even heard of sorting wheat from chaff.  I’m adding, “Don’t toss the cheese due to mold.”  The idea is to discriminate between what is of value and what should be tossed out.  In other words, to develop discernment.

It’s not always easy to do.  The chaff, or protective coating around wheat seeds, is hard to get off, but must be removed for consumption since it’s indigestible.  It might take some work to cut off the moldy spots or outer layer of a hunk of cheese – you know you have to keep the knife out of the mold so you don’t spread it around.  And if that bathwater is especially dirty, it may well be hard to find the baby in there!

But it’s worth the effort.  Wheat can make tasty foods like bread and pizza crust (sorry gluten-intolerant folk!).  Cheese is food of the gods and not a scrap should be wasted.  And of course, saving a baby from dirty water is heroic!  😉

So it is with discernment.  No one speaks only truth or rubbish.  Your favorite role model gets it wrong sometimes and the most despised politician gets it right sometimes.  If you learn to sort out what’s of value, you don’t have to keep trash around or lose substance.  You can hear out anyone and take away what builds you up and makes you a better person.  This is how you can quite literally, have the best of both worlds.

Wait, what?  Hear out anyone?

Yep.  Because if you limit yourself to people who already think like you, you cut yourself off from other worlds.  Maybe you encounter someone who doesn’t say a word you can identify with, who doesn’t speak any new truths into your life.  But, by hearing them out, maybe you can at least get a clue as to why they think as they do.  That’s a start, a baby in the bath water.

Why would you want to do this?  Because it builds a bridge.  Maybe you discover that while you can’t relate to their conclusion, you can understand their feelings of frustration and anger.  You’ve just begun building a bridge for conversation across disparate waters.  A bridge desperately needed to make peace in the world.

We have so much dissention on the planet, between feuding Orphan factions desperately seeking safety.  Pilgrims with the courage to leave the pack develop discernment of necessity, in order to find their way out of the Dark Forest.  Now it’s time for us to join forces and rebuild the bridges that have been burned.  Possibility Bridges built by Possibility Warriors!

I’m a scientist and a spiritualist.  Maybe some scientists will find me too “woo-woo”.  Maybe some spiritualists will find me too critical of their (mis)use of scientific terminology.  But I think it’s possible to keep both our ability to reason critically and to allow for what we can’t yet explain naturally.  I’m willing to hear others, apply a well-developed discernment, and draw my own conclusions.  In order to build bridges across worlds.

Because I want to have the best of all worlds AND eat my cheese too!

Disclaimer #1:  Please see this Mayo Clinic site for information on when moldy cheese actually should be tossed!

Disclaimer #2:  Okay, almost anyone.

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