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I’ve come to realize that my particular role in life is not to convert, change, or fix any broken person or corrupted system. My only task is to heal and strengthen myself and to share what I’ve learned with others who want to know. You, dear reader, are remarkable because you are self-aware and willing to work towards health — like me. There are so many of us! Going public has opened my eyes to that. We can all work together, learn together, share, grow, and build a new reality for ourselves.

Here’s my vision. As we empower ourselves to heal inwardly, we will be able to put our energy into healing outwardly as well. Together we can begin to build new systems for every conceivable human activity and interest. As we network, we will grow in numbers, strength, and encouragement. As our systems become bigger and more visible, more people will migrate to join and build.

People will join for any number of reasons — they are conscious evolutionaries on board with the vision, they like to be in on the latest thing, curiosity, hope, convenience. It doesn’t matter. At some point we will reach critical mass and the movement of empowered creators will snowball. People will flock and the greedy corporate monopolies of today will be left bereft of human capital to take advantage of.

What’s to stop those in this human empowerment movement from becoming greedy and corrupt themselves? Competition! In a population of happy, empowered, motivated, inspired people all helping each other succeed, if one business gets corrupt, it will be out-competed by 10 that aren’t.

What about those unwilling to work for a better humanity?  I’m not sure that people are innately unwilling or lazy. Some may be… but maybe they are actually tired and burnt out and in need of a major rejuvenating respite in the Peaceful Meadow. Maybe they are feeling hopeless and disempowered and are left with no will or inspiration to act. Maybe they are desperately numbing out in order to avoid demons they have no idea how to tackle.  Maybe they’ll join in once we’ve shown the effort is worthwhile.

What about the corrupt and greedy?  I’m not sure people are innately greedy. Maybe most are full of fear that if they don’t take, others will and they’ll be left in lack. Maybe they’ve never seen any other way than win-lose and can’t imagine the benefit to themselves of group prosperity.  Maybe we can show them an alternate reality they’ll want to be a part of.  If not, they can continue to fight each other in the corner over their dying powers.

And what about the tired, frustrated, disempowered, and discouraged?  I’m not sure that people are innately depressed. Epigenetics is revealing that we carry the emotional trauma of our ancestors. However, we are more self-aware than any previous human population, and many of us have the luxury to spend our time in reflection with the benefit of the learning and progress of those who came before. I think our role is to heal the past by healing ourselves. I believe we can do this by coming together to support each other in learning to fly beyond these blocks. I think we are called to end the cycle to progress the conscious evolution of our species.

So laziness, greed, and depression, these need not be our innate characteristics, but rather the consequence of tens of millennia of fighting for survival and not being able to reach the potentials we are capable of! As we learn to overcome the past, we will open the way to great possibilities for the future. All we have to do now is heal our lives, live as we know we are meant to, and help each other do the same.

Sending vast waves of hope and encouragement your way!


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