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Happy New Year 2016!


This year I welcome into my life…

  • Security. I am grateful for the many ways that my life is safe and secure.
  • Abundance. I look for all the abundance in my life with gratitude.
  • Stability. I am confident in my ability to bring greater stability to my life.
  • Creativity. I know I can find clever ways to make my desires a reality.
  • Balance. I seek out the extremes in my life and bring them to equilibrium.
  • Vitality. I find ways to ignite the energy inside of me.
  • Courage. I tackle difficulties with confidence, knowing I’m not alone.
  • Power. I have the strength and motivation to shape my life.
  • Authority. I take responsibility for changing my life.
  • Kindness. I bring this into my life by giving it away.
  • Understanding. I set down my weapons in order to see others.
  • Generosity. I give of my abundance and accept from the abundance of others.
  • Compassion. I am cautious with my words, and slow to judge.
  • Diplomacy. Sometimes it’s better to be kind than right.
  • Community. I fly with the kind and supportive, never alone.
  • Intuition. I listen to still small voice within.
  • Vision. I act today from the long view.
  • Imagination. I embrace the child who dreams within.
  • Objectivity. I look outside myself for the greatest good.
  • Reason. I seek balance in all my views.
  • Wisdom. I consult my highest self to grow.

Have a wonderful 2016!



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