Possibility Warrior

Lighting The Way Forward

Boat on the shore

Out To Sea


Her little boat took her down the River, and she learned to trust herself to flow with the water and bend with the curves of the land. When the waters grew rapid and rough, she learned to slow her breathing, and center to find serenity in the chaos.  She felt deep gratitude for everything around her; her faithful boat, the certainty of the river, the beauty of the banks, the peaceful rest of calm waters, the lessons learned in the rapids.

The landscape began to change.  The trees thinned and then she left the forest behind for plains and wetlands.  Something vast and uncertain appeared on the horizon. It grew bigger, shimmering and reflecting the sunlight. Fogs rolled in and obscured her vision, but she knew a big change was imminent.  One morning she woke up and found herself… out to sea!

Of course!  Rivers flow to the sea.

The sea was immense. Vaster than anything she had previously comprehended. It went on and on in all directions.  The land behind her was fading away. Suddenly she felt terror — her boat was too small, the sea was too vast, she was too alone! And were those… shark fins?

She lay down in her boat with her eyes tightly closed and sank inward, until she was breathing evenly and releasing the tension in her body. She was safe. At this moment she was safe in her boat and no harm was coming to her. She needed a plan. What was she to do with all this vast sea in a tiny boat?

She sat up and calmly began to steer back towards the direction of the shoreline.  Eventually she drew near enough to look for a good landing.  She found an inviting space and docked her boat on a grassy bank to explore the terrain that was to become her new home for the time.  She had work to do — she was going to need a bigger boat!

Her trusty little boat became the side of a little cabin. And soon she discovered she was not the first, nor would she be the last adventurer, to wayfar on these shores. The travelers who came down the river shared the same dreams, and so they worked together to help each other build strong, seafaring boats.

When it came time to go out to sea, they would go together, a peaceful armada, a crew of dreamers, explorers, visionaries, and evolutionaries, setting sail for the new world they were in the process of creating.


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