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Pennies for Beatings?


I grew up believing that my only option to survive was to work for the mean old white man patriarchy. You keep your head down and your mouth shut and be grateful that The Man is willing to give you pennies for beatings.

I grew up in the patriarchy, and I worked for The Man for most of my life. But I can’t keep my head down. With my head up I can see the injustices happening, and I can’t keep my mouth shut about them. So my boats are frequently rocking. When I realized that this was going to get me fired, I began looking for a new job in the mean old white man patriarchy.

But all I found were beatings for pennies. And I realized that I did not have one single joule of energy left to put up with it, not 1 J! (A joule (J) is the scientific unit of energy.)

I looked around at LA county and saw freelancers everywhere. People who were getting by behind The Man’s back. Women who were financially independent outside the mean old white man patriarchy.

In the face of all of the old programing of my childhood (“trying to work for yourself is the fastest way to destitution on the streets”), I decided to leave The System. Let me tell you the past few years have been challenging — like walking upriver in a flood. But I’ve succeeded because I haven’t done it alone. I found supportive groups of people. We’ve all held hands to pull each other upstream, led by those who already have sure footing on solid ground.

The old mindset keeps asking when I’m going to “get a job” (ie, bow my head and accept pennies for beatings). I have many jobs!

I work on my own terms, with the people I want to work with, and I pay my bills. But more than that, I’ve discovered a whole network of amazing people who work outside of The System and help each other, work with each other, and connect with each other.

The reason I’m telling you this is because many people are going to be losing their jobs. Before you look for another place to get pennies for beatings within the mean old white man patriarchy, I want you to know you have other Options. There is a whole other Structure out there for making a living — while doing things you love to do!

I urge you to consider this alternative. You are not alone. You can be a part of creating this alternative System of individuals working together to help each other pay bills while doing work they love. Doesn’t that sound great?

Let’s make the mean old white man patriarchal system defunct by walking away from it!

Author: PoWa

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  1. You go, Julie! Your blog-post touched me, given I am a “white man” who faced the same system (and my associated fears) many years ago… and who similarly made the decision to “do what I love” (book editing, writing coaching & writing) no matter what. That decision has given me the joy and greater freedom to explore my true self and my world in a way I would never have had if I’d opted instead to “work for The Man.” May your readers (both women and men) find encouragement in your message and discover they can actually grow in “thrive-ability” via this one life decision to “do what you love” (or as Joseph Campbell once said, “Follow your bliss.”). 😉

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