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Monthly Personal Consultation Package, Level 2

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Once you realize the benefit of understanding the Language of Functions, it's likely that you'll want to apply this understanding to the significant issues currently spurring your growth. This is the package to purchase if you want to go deeply into the material to change your life, through the process of aligning your Functions into flow and balance.

Monthly Package includes:

  • If this is our first consultation, you will receive:
    • Risk free initial conversation (before purchase) to see if Type Power is right for you - by email or phone
    • Online Type Assessment and results
  • 4 hours of consultation time in person, by phone, or by Skype
    • In the first month of consultation, the very first call includes a Type Analysis to find your best fit Myers Briggs Type and to clear up common misconceptions about the MB system. We can then dive deeper and discuss your Jungian Functions, apply this information to a focus issue, and work out “next steps.”
      • This is likely to take 1.5-2 hours (of the total 3 hours)
      • Follow up emails with information based on our conversation
    • Remaining time will be used in follow-up calls to develop personalized Function Flows. We can also discuss how you have observed the functions active in your life, and the best directions to take moving forward.
      • Follow up emails with additional pertinent information
    • In subsequent months, the 4 hours of phone time can be scheduled as requested throughout the month, with emails for follow up or questions as needed.
  • The package also includes two optional monthly conversations with one or two other therapists or coachs about your Type. With your permission, I can share what we've uncovered about your Type and Functions, to aid another professional in their personalized work with you.

This package is good for 3 months from purchase. The month of consultation must be scheduled within that 3 month time period, to begin on a mutually agreed upon date. For use by a single individual.

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