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Extraverted Intuition: Creative Chaos

Not long ago I lived in a world devoid of possibility; a world of “I can’t, it’s not possible, it’s not for me.”  I made a decision to fight back against this life-long brain washing and change that perspective — that was the start of Possibility Warrior. Observing potential and creating from this vision is the realm of Extraverted Intuition (Ne), another kind of perception.

The perceiving function of Extraverted Sensing (Se) is the conscious awareness of information about the physical world as taken in by our senses. However, as we’re all so painfully aware, we have limited space in our brain for conscious awareness.  In fact, we observe far more than we consciously realize, and we are selectively aware only of a portion of what we observe, based on what is important to us.  This is why when you get a new car, for example, you suddenly notice cars of that model and color everywhere.  Those cars were there before, but they weren’t interesting enough to make it through your perceptive filter into your conscious awareness.

Where does all the information go, that our senses register but our conscious awareness does not? Does it pass right back out of our heads like water through a sieve? Although it may seem that way, according to Carl Jung’s psychology, it goes into our unconscious.  In other words, our brain still takes in the information, we just aren’t consciously aware of it currently.  That means the information is still there, and perhaps accessible! The means of accessing this unconscious information is through intuition.

So, the function of Sensing is devoted to what we are consciously aware of, what we tend to call the “real world.” The function of Intuition is devoted to ferreting out information from the rest of our brain, the unconscious regions. While Sensors are focusing on the practical realities of the here-and-now, Intuitors are looking past the obvious for connections, patterns, and meaning.  Both are essential to a balanced personality.  Sensing without Intuition confines one to a very narrow slice of life and precludes long term vision.  But Intuition without Sensing is ungrounded and likely to confuse pure fantasy for intuition.  The balanced personality both supplements sensation with intuition and checks intuition against physical reality.

In someone with a dominant Ne in their Function Family (ENTP and ENFP), intuition is energetically engaged with the external world, exploring, searching, and risking-taking to discover novel potential. It sees all the possibilities in people and circumstances and is driven to actively realize what it envisions by inspiring and championing everyone around to take up the cause with enthusiasm.  But it is pulled in so many directions by infinite potentials, it may frantically jump from one to the next, abandoning exploits before completion, exhausting itself with chaotic divergence.  It’s essential for this type to develop their Judging Auxiliary Function to corral and focus their Ne onto a manageable and most valuable number of pursuits.

For those without Extraverted Intuition high in their function stack, there will be a level of distrust for possibilities that can become as extreme as pessimism and catastrophizing. There’s a tendency to be skeptical of their intuition or even deny its existence. Or, when agitated, portents of gloom become over exaggerated and obsessive. As in all things, balance must be learned, to either direct a restless and driftless dominant Ne or to develop and learn to trust a lower Ne.

The latter is what I’m working on.  This why I am a Possibility Warrior. The natural Ne is a Possibility Champion.  Possibilities are a given to these fortunate folk; all a nascent potential needs is the proper tending of a skillful gardener, which is just what they are! For the rest of us the battle is an internal one — to chant until it becomes true, the mantra: I Can, it is Possible, it is for ME.

If elements of this post spoke to you and you would like exercises for focusing the energies of a too divergent Ne, or warrior tools for believing in positive possibilities, contact me to schedule a Peronality Type Analysis to learn more about the role of Ne in your life. ~Julie


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