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Info for Mental Health Practitioners

I would very much like to work with Mental Health Practitioners, providing you with a tool to use with your clients. A client’s personality is going to influence the way they interact with you, how issues affect them, and the best course of action for treatment — useful information for therapists. I invite you to contact me to discuss partnering with me to use Jung’s Personality Type information in your practice.

Improve your Practice with Personality Typing

There are distinct Personality Types and each has a particular way of seeing the world, interpreting events, behaving, and interacting with others. When you know your client’s Type, you can communicate with them in their own language. With Personality Type understanding, each client can learn to approach personal issues in the manner most natural and effective for their Type.

Personality Type Consultations

I assess the client’s Personality Type using Carl Jung’s psychology of Cognitive Functions and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). I first work with the client to determine their Myers Briggs Personality Type. The influence of the Jungian Functions in the client’s life can be determined from this result. I focus on the Functions because they are dynamic and flexible, provide a deep understanding of your client’s current mindset, and provide developmental insight into stages of life and maturity.

Service Provided To You

With the permission of the client, I can provide you with a summary of the client’s Personality Type Analysis, and effective approaches to communication and problem resolution for their Type. I offer you a FREE Personality Type Assessment Test and Analysis, information packet, and follow-up as needed when using the material with your clients. When your own Type is known, I can provide feedback on potential areas of connection and possible miscommunication in your interaction with your client’s Type.

Please Contact Me to Learn More!

Downloadable pdf Invitation for Mental Health Practitioners
Type Power – Mental Health Practitioners


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