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What You Insist On, Persists On


You’ve got to practice Possibility if you want to live Possibility.

You are always practicing something.  Whatever is in your thoughts is what you are practicing.  If you are mentally reciting your Litany of Impossibility, then that is what you are practicing and reinforcing in your life.  If you are telling yourself “I can’t, it’s not possible, it’s not for me”, that’s the habit you are drilling into your daily life.

How often do you have to practice a Mantra for it to change your life?  How often does an individual trying to quit smoking have to not smoke a cigarette?  That’s how often you have to say your Mantra.  How long do you have to keep it up to reap the rewards?  As long as it takes!  Which might be about 66 days according to this research.

Will you get in shape by going to the gym once?  No.  Will you get in shape by working out for 5 minutes a day?  Maybe, but it will take a long time!  Same thing with Gratitude.  The more you do it, the faster and better your results.

Since you are always practicing something anyway, why not make it Possibility?

If you catch yourself thinking negatively, play a game and just for the fun of it, say the opposite.  If you catch yourself complaining, Leave It and think of things to be grateful for.  Develop a trigger to remind you of your Mantra:  every time I pass through a doorway I will say, “I can, It is Possible, It is for Me!”

Remember, what you insist on, persists on!  So if you insist on your impossibility, that’s what will persist.  If you practice Possibility, that’s what you will live.


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