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Happy New Year 2016!


This year I welcome into my life…

  • Security. I am grateful for the many ways that my life is safe and secure.
  • Abundance. I look for all the abundance in my life with gratitude.
  • Stability. I am confident in my ability to bring greater stability to my life.
  • Creativity. I know I can find clever ways to make my desires a reality.
  • Balance. I seek out the extremes in my life and bring them to equilibrium.
  • Vitality. I find ways to ignite the energy inside of me.
  • Courage. I tackle difficulties with confidence, knowing I’m not alone.
  • Power. I have the strength and motivation to shape my life.
  • Authority. I take responsibility for changing my life.
  • Kindness. I bring this into my life by giving it away.
  • Understanding. I set down my weapons in order to see others.
  • Generosity. I give of my abundance and accept from the abundance of others.
  • Compassion. I am cautious with my words, and slow to judge.
  • Diplomacy. Sometimes it’s better to be kind than right.
  • Community. I fly with the kind and supportive, never alone.
  • Intuition. I listen to still small voice within.
  • Vision. I act today from the long view.
  • Imagination. I embrace the child who dreams within.
  • Objectivity. I look outside myself for the greatest good.
  • Reason. I seek balance in all my views.
  • Wisdom. I consult my highest self to grow.

Have a wonderful 2016!



  1. Beautiful post, and beautiful start to this new year Julie!

  2. Reblogged this on Vortex 144 and commented:

    This is a beautiful invitation for the New Year ❤️

  3. As usual, Julie, a WAY inspiring stream of consciousness you’ve shared with us here… Muchas Gracias! Happy New Year to you! With Love, Will

  4. Am reading this slightly late for the New Year but what a wonderful inspiration.

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