Possibility Warrior

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Who’s a Warrior?

Type PowerMaybe the word “Warrior” conjures an image of a brutal and aggressive fighter, blood-soaked, mercilessly ravaging an enemy in battle. That’s the image blasted at us from movies and video games, but I see it as a narrow stereotype of a rich and powerful archetype.

Think about the child battling cancer. The person dealing with depression. The single mother working two jobs to keep her children fed. Mother Teresa caring for the poor. A firefighter battling a blaze. Heck, even a postal worker delivering mail in sleet and rain!  Aren’t these people also Warriors?

A Warrior is someone who doesn’t give up on their honorable mission in the face of adversity.

The Possibility Warrior has a mission of harmony for the planet.  They have emerged through the journey of self-discovery that reveals the unique and loving purpose of their existence. They have made the commitment to pursue their highest potential with dedication, for the greatest good for themselves and others. They are bringing their gifts into the world, positively impacting lives. They are organizing, protecting each other against negativity and adversity, creating greater empowerment and goodness in the world together.

Engaging your inner Warrior for humanity is a process. It’s a broadening of focus both inwardly and outwardly, learning to see yourself with love and admiration and also learning to step out into the bigger world with courage. It’s finding your light and holding it high. It’s shielding yourself from those who don’t see your true value and surrounding yourself with a truly supportive tribe.

Every one of us has a Warrior within. The fate of the world depends on YOU finding your inner Warrior and joining the fight for humanity.  I’m not even overdramatizing here! 😉 Each one of us has a part to play in the ongoing progress of our evolution as a species. We can move humanity forward by consciously engaging… or hold it back by digging in our heels and resisting.

“The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wise people so full of doubts.”  ~ Bertrand Russell

Humanity won’t survive if the wise don’t take action because of their uncertainties and doubts.  Now is the time for us to humbly find our voices, taking action for progress and change, while always staying open to new information and greater understanding.

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