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I recently heard someone describe himself as “Born to prosper.”  My immediate reaction was affront.  Who did he think he was, to claim prosperity as his birthright?  He must be some entitled rich kid with a trust fund.  I wonder if he’s ever had to struggle, to make ends meet, to wonder how he’s going to pay the rent…

Then I caught myself in this line of thinking, and stopped to wonder…

What If?  What if prosperity and abundance actually are our birthright as human beings?  As in, we have a right from birth to prosper.  Can you imagine having that as a life philosophy.  Rather than something more along the lines of, “Born to struggle and just barely pay the bills!”

How might it change my life if I believed, “I am born to prosper.”

Well first, I’d believe it was Possible!  It’s not an unreasonable, unreachable goal.  I can, it’s possible, it’s for me — to prosper!  Second, I’d believe it was Good.  Success, abundance, prosperity, wealth — these are good things, not marks of a greedy, selfish devil.  Third, I’d allow it into my life.  When opportunities arose, I’d take them with gusto, no second-guessing or self-sabotaging.  Finally, I’d believe I was worthy of keeping my prosperity.  It’s not a fluke, it’s the genuine real deal, I can both welcome it into my life and let it stay.

Wow.  That’s actually not a bad philosophy.  I think I might take a stretch and try this on for size…

Prosperity is possible.  Prosperity is good.  I’m going to allow prosperity into my life at every opportunity.  I believe I am worthy of ever increasing prosperity.


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