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Dear Flu, Thank You


I had the flu this past week and it was lots of not fun; but oddly enough, it did remind me of a number of things I have to be grateful for.

For one, I was able to take off two days and devote them entirely to getting better.  I know not everyone has that luxury and so I’m very grateful for this liberty.  I was able to pretty much quarantine myself in order to not spread it, and yet do so in the comfort of my own home.  I had my faithful, devoted pup at my side comforting me the whole time, and lots of concerned friends wishing me well.  I didn’t have a super serious strain of flu, and I had many resources available for treating and alleviating it.

This set of circumstances resulted in me devoting a whole bunch of time just to listening to my body, something I’ve been meaning to do more of.  I have to say that I’m pretty impressed at her flu response.  In fact, all the annoying symptoms of the flu are really evidence of a full out healthy immune launch in self-defense.  For example, an expectorant (not cough suppressant!), helped me get rid of the mucus in my lungs where the infection started, a quick and dirty strategy to trap and hinder the virus from infecting cells.  We should consider using mucus against terrorists!

With the fever and chills, it felt like my blood had rushed internally to the battle, leaving my outer shell cold.  It was a highly disconcerting feeling to be both on fire and freezing at the same time, but the few degree rise in temperature made my body an unsuitable environment for the virus.  It became a somewhat inhospitable environment for me too, but I survived — that wussy virus, not so much.  The aches and pains came from scavenging muscle tissue for protein for weapons assembly — I made sure to keep eating healthy foods to minimize the necessity for cannibalism.

I don’t know if the extra vitamins, zinc, and a dozen different kinds of tea actually helped, other than by providing fluids, but at least they made me feel like I was doing things to assist my immune system.  And of course, I rested as much as possible, which is hard for me, as I get antsy lying around doing “nothing.”  So I used the time to practice meditation, something else I’ve been meaning to do more of.  I played with a bunch of different meditations — relaxation, gratitude, healing, positive thinking — that I’m likely to share with you further soon.

Of course, I’m also grateful for Tylenol PM, the internet, industrial washers at the laundromat, clorox and lysol, and co-workers who covered for me!  And I’m super grateful to be all better now — better than new, actually, with an upgraded antibody inventory and a healthy respect for how hard my body works to keep me well and whole!


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