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Dear Julie,


Q. In every situation, there is clearly a protocol for accomplishing tasks most quickly and efficiently. Why am I the only person who can see this and get things done the right way the first time? ~ISTJ

A. It is an irony of humanity that most of us take far longer than needed to accomplish tasks, because we are too impatient to carefully and painstakingly follow the most direct path to accurate and timely completion. However, evolution itself did not follow an efficiently well-designed protocol to produce our cognitive capacities, so this is the mess we are left with.

Fortunately we have your type, with the steadfast perseverance to see a task through to completion, and the careful attentiveness required to complete the task correctly the first time. Really, the world would fall apart without your patient and deliberate vigilance in supplying the daily maintenance required to realize any long-term goal.

There are some types convinced that they would revel in the chaos left (they may call it something else, like “freedom”) should your type suddenly disappear from the planet. Until the metro doesn’t get them home on time and they can’t find a properly cooked meal when hungry. It is essential that you disappear (say for vacation) on a regular basis (they have a short memory), to remind such types just how essential you are to the happy frivolity they enjoy so much.

There are other types too busy entertaining ideas of what could be to attend to what is. Whatever you do, do not dismiss their ideas as frivolous, or they will take it as a challenge to harangue you with ever more impractical ideas until you throw up your hands and quit. Instead, half listen as you tend your work, compliment them on their ingenuity, and coyly ask how they will deal with the biggest obvious flaw in their hare-brained strategy. Don’t raise your objection condescendingly, convey it as a puzzle to solve, and they will run off happily to consider your challenge, leaving you in peace to get your work done.

Use your remarkable ability to see what’s in front of you, to bargain with the more scattered types. For example, offer to balance the books in exchange for Friday afternoon off. This will translate your skills into direct utility for those who don’t adequately appreciate your super powers, while simultaneously relieving them of the responsibility of devising ways to reward you for saving the day.

It’s tough to maneuver in a world full of irresponsible, unpredictable, unreliable humans. Learn to express sincere gratitude when any one gets anything right. I know you shouldn’t have to praise people for doing what they are supposed to be doing; but given that they actually do what they are supposed to do so rarely, if praise helps increase the odds, it’s worth implementing. Again, refrain from allowing your irritable frustration to show. For once they did not make your life more difficult. That really IS something to be grateful for!

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