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I’m doing the things.  Thing after thing.  Riding through the anxiety.

The things I’ve been meaning to get to, the things I’ve put off, avoided,  — because of this anxiety.

There are things you do just because they are things you do — brush your teeth, feed the dog, eat breakfast, go to work.

There are things you don’t do because if you do them, it will change your life.

Changing your life is scary.  But you want to change your life because not changing your life is torment.  So you take a deep breath and you do the things.  A little thing here, a little thing there; slowly, slowly, the things start to get done.  And slowly, slowly, your life starts changing.

You feel like you need to do a lot of stretching, because you don’t quite fit right in your worldview anymore.  It’s disorienting.  Sometimes you need a break from doing the things.  Sometimes to get started again, you need to sneak up on the things sideways.  Sometimes you pretend you’re only going to do some of the things.  Sometimes you tell the things to go to hell and you stomp off and pout.  Sometimes you get in the flow and do all the things at once.

Time passes and you keep doing the things.  It’s a good thing you have your whole lifetime to do the things.  A whole, brilliant lifetime of change, as you do the new and scary things; thing by thing by thing.

Then one day you look up.  You realize you’ve been doing the things so long you’re thousands of feet up, looking back at the amazing landscape.  And there are fellow thing-doing Heros all along the trail.  And it occurs to you that doing the things isn’t so dramatic after all.

The things, they’ve just become things you do.


  1. This is so where I am right now. I’ve been working through Brooke Castillo’s LCS podcasts. I just downloaded her book on weight and this is the title of one chapter: “Not Taking Care of Yourself is Procrastination of Your Work in the World.” This explains so much about my resistance to growth. So much.

  2. You just did it! Love this article Julie. Well done.

  3. Great post Julie , thanks!

  4. Wow …

    you little genius x


    ..is close to the source.

    soo slowly ….

    pas a pas.. we tentatively touch on the killer levers of … changing reality
    without hurting any of those souls we carry


    only the deep recognition of
    the importance of those bonds

    gives the transformation


    the deep recognition of
    the importance of those bonds

    gives the transformation


    we are the bonds
    that make us

    you are a special soul hun ;*

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