Possibility Warrior

Lighting The Way Forward

Edge of the Dark Forest


The Dark Forest exerts a lot of power.

She had left the Dark Forest, but she was always aware that it was there.  She could look up and see it on the horizon, or feel it over her shoulder.

She had thought she might go back to the Dark Forest, light and shield held high, to map its depths, chart its waters, and throw out lifelines.

However, it had become clear to her that her current battle was simply to stay out of the Dark Forest.

When this became hard, as it often did, her number one weapon was Gratitude.  Sitting with her back to the edge of the Dark Forest, she thought through things she had to be grateful for…

I remember the days of Deep Pits, when I thought there could be no way out.  I’m grateful to live in a time when there is more hope than ever for getting out of pits.  There are medications, doctors, programs, therapies, and support systems.  Society is coming around and the stigma is melting into a human experience.

I remember the darkness of the pathless woods, when I thought I would live there forever.  I’m grateful I can now see the sun.  On those days that the sun doesn’t shine, I’m grateful I can remember it is still there, that the clouds will pass, the snows will melt, the skies will sparkle once again.

I’m grateful that I am not alone.  There are billions of people on the planet and most of them care.  The people closest to you want you to reach out and even a stranger becomes a connection with just a smile.

I’m grateful that I am much more than any present circumstance.  I’m grateful to be learning tools to change my perception of who I am and what my circumstances are.  I’m grateful for the process and for the patience I am learning to have with myself and others.

My track record for making it through the rough days is 100%, so I’m grateful to myself for toughing it out.

I am grateful for the power of gratitude to change my life from the inside out.

If we do not feel grateful for what we already have, what makes us think we’d be happy with more?


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