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Emotional Surfing


Huge emotions are swelling, it feels like you are at the edge of the ocean, a tsunami is coming, you must run for your life or drown.

What if you allowed yourself to relax and ride the wave?  The emotions will come at you looking all huge and threatening.  But when you flow with them, you will find that as they rise, you will rise with them.  And they will pass quickly, and you will float gently back down and be calm again.  Then it’s over!  What you thought would kill you is over just like that!

Until the next wave comes, but now you know that it will not hurt you, that you will just ride it out, let it come, let it pass.

In practical terms, here’s what happens for me when I surf emotions.  I feel something so strongly: fury, shame, terror.  Rather than constricting against it, I open to it and allow it to come.  It comes in a burst.  I cry or rage or tremble.  But never for long, usually less than a few minutes, then it’s let out!  And I realize that it just needed to be LET OUT.  And now it’s gone.

I can float in peace, knowing that I loved myself enough to let my body and emotions do what was needed to release the past.

And more waves will come, just like in the ocean.  But it’s okay.  You know they don’t mean you harm, it’s just nature doing her thing.  And so you ride them, feel them, and they pass on their way.  And each time it gets easier until it just comes naturally, like an expert surfer, skimming back and forth over the wave, exploring it for all it has to offer, finding an actual thrill in the natural swells of the universe, knowing what it means to be alive.


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