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Everybody Loves Abby!


Abby has her own backpack for hiking.  I learned from the Dog Whisperer that dogs behave better when they have a job to do.  When I pull out the backpack, Abby gets super excited because she knows she’s going on a hike.  And she’s remarkably well behaved on the hike because she knows it’s her job to lead the way and make sure that I stay safe.

Few folk can pass by Abby in her backpack without a smile, laugh, or comment.  It’s adorably cute and she’s so happy.  That’s how it is everywhere we go.  On our walks, she makes people smile just by looking at her.  Children who are leery of dogs find the courage to pet her and giggle as she sniffs them curiously.  People who don’t like dogs are won over by her affectionate good behavior.  It’s true, everyone loves Abby.  She’s just so sweet, genuine, loving, affable, and open-hearted — it’s impossible not to love her.

If I could just be as awesome as my dog, maybe everyone would love me too!

Or maybe I am as awesome as my dog and it’s simply a matter of letting myself be who I already am.

And maybe everyone already does love me, whether they realize it yet or not, and it’s just a matter of ME realizing I love me.


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