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Good Morning Monday!


A meditation for the morning before getting out of bed.

Good morning, Monday.  Good morning, Julie.

I am starting today by taking a few minutes to remember what a privilege it is to wake up.  I am amazed to be alive and experiencing.  Today will be filled with new and interesting things, if I choose to notice them.  I will keep my eyes and heart open.  Thank you for this opportunity.

Today will be full of beauty, if I choose to notice.  I will look for it — in the nature around me, in the people I interact with, in the way events unfold.  Thank you for this gift.

Today I will interact with people who are all in my life to teach me.  I will remember not to judge or take things personally.  Instead I will observe to learn about myself and others.  What brings me joy?  What brings others joy?  What triggers me?  What meaning am I making?  Thank you for these life lessons.

Today is about love, joy, patience, and peace.  So today, as I find myself straying from these things, I will gently bring myself back to love, joy, patience, and peace.  Thank you for these gifts.

Okay, let’s put on some dance music and do this day!

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