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Guest Blog, by Linda Harris

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Today’s guest blog is written by a client who is one incredible woman. She’s a gladiator and fellow Warrior of Possibility! She takes every suggestion I hand her and runs it down the field past the goal line like a professional NFL running back! I asked her if she would write me a testimonial.  She returned such a moving and well written piece, that I decided to feature it as today’s blog.  Thank you Linda!!


Today I did not consider suicide once. This is a big deal for me because as long as I can remember I’ve thought about suicide daily, at least daily. Fear results in my mind defaulting to the escape route of suicide. Sometimes I would only have the word “suicide” slip through my mind, but sometimes vivid thoughts would flash in my head, images of me committing atrocities to myself.

In October 2015 I contacted Julie Hoy, The Possibility Warrior, out of desperation. I was approaching a mental breakdown, and did a couple of weeks later have that breakdown. One of the last straws leading to my breakdown in October was the breakup of a friendship that I valued and that helped fill the void left when my sons left the nest. Ironically, this same friend introduced me to Julie through her website PossibilityWarrior.com. I contacted Julie hoping she would rescue this friendship for me.

I never said that directly, but Julie saw right through to my intentions and set boundaries right away.  Don’t you know I tried to cross those boundaries but Julie gently and firmly held the boundaries in check, and she agreed to work with me. Julie metaphorically took my hand and immediately began leading me on my journey out of the forest I was lost in and had been lost in for most of my life – and boy was I lost. She put on the training wheels and gave me a shove while staying close at hand for each time I stumbled.

There is so much I could tell you about my journey, but I want to be succinct; at least as much as possible. The other day Julie said to me that the Linda she met in October was far different than the Linda today – only three months later. I agree with her. I was able to handle several difficult situations in a row maturely and honestly; and I was proud of myself.  And I realized how astounding the progress is and the changes are life changes, permanent, usable tools, and I’m living proof.

These are a few of the things I’ve learned in these three short months:

  • I better understand my personality and communication styles
  • I better understand how to use this information to communicate effectively
  • I now recognize that people communicate differently and how to respect those differences
  • Setting and respecting boundaries
  • Increased self-value
  • Increased self-worth
  • Increased self-respect
  • Courage

Honestly, my time with Julie Hoy, The Possibility Warrior, has resulted in so much personal growth and improvement that the list is long and would take too much space; but the stuff that I can’t articulate may be the most powerful.  And I am excited about this continued journey. I wonder how I’ll grow over the next few months and how this growth will benefit me and those around me for the rest of my life.

I recommended Julie’s services to someone the other day. He asked if I thought he needed her. I honestly and immediately replied: Everyone can benefit from Julie’s services. Everyone.

Thank you, Linda, for your willingness to share your journey with others! Contact me if you’d like to achieve results like Linda’s!

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