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It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you look around at all that seems to be wrong with the world. It’s tempting to put your head back down and hope it will all go away… somehow. Here are some tips to help you face reality — and do something about it!

  1. Remember the Good: Not all is lost, not everyone is evil, and there is still good in the world. It’s really important to remember this and actively seek out the good around you in your life everyday. Don’t let the negative become all you focus on or it will sap all your strength.
  2. You are not alone. There are so many others who feel the same way as you. Find ways to connect with these like-minded people. Talk with them daily to provide mutual encouragement and stamina. United in solidarity we can stand.
  3. Don’t feed the trolls. This is super important — don’t argue with or defend yourself against someone who is verbally abusive. If you can have a calm and productive conversation (preferably in person) with someone willing to exchange and consider ideas, that’s good. But a lot of people are out there just to bully, attack, and deflect and drain your energy. Cut them off immediately. Walk away, delete their comment, keep scrolling — but do not waste your valuable energy. This is especially true online where you often can’t even be sure that the comment comes from a real person rather than a comment generating bot!
  4. Stand up for each other. If someone is being harassed, become their immediate new friend. Help them get out of the situation. Some day, some one may do the same for you. We’re all going to get to know each other better and this is a good thing!
  5. Stay informed. Find news sources you can trust, and keep up on what’s happening. Even if you only have a few minutes here and there throughout the day.
  6. Insist on objective analysis. The only way you can defend yourself from being duped by snake oil peddlers is to understand how truth can be gotten at objectively. Opinion is not truth. People are lying to you left and right. Calm, critical thinking is incredibly important right now.
  7. Do something proactive daily. Contact your representatives. Donate.Volunteer. Find out what’s going on locally and get involved. There are plenty of groups that provide you with information on valuable actions to take. You’ll feel better when you know you are actively being part of the solution.

Thank you for all you do!

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