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Heal Yourself, Save the World


No pressure, but, uh, the fate of the world depends on your recovery.

“Without inner peace, outer peace is impossible. We all wish for world peace, but it will never be achieved unless we first establish peace within our own minds.” ~Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

We have a few problems to address in the world. But at least 350 million of our Warriors are consumed with depression, holed up in their heads battling the demons in their brains. This is putting a severe cramp on the business of Making the World a Better Place. Can you imagine the Possibilities if all these Warriors were happy, thriving, and radiantly living their purpose in life bringing greater peace and harmony to the world?

So, for yourself and for world peace, I want you to commit to healing your life with unwavering intention so you can get to work on healing the world.

Yes, I know. Even reading those words makes you feel more defeated. You have no energy, hope, or motivation. You are apathetic, lethargic, numb, jaded, bitter, burned out, cold, leaden, despondent, bleak, and tired. You are in a deep coma of impossibility – miserable, defeated, exhausted – the exact worst place from which to try to intend an unwavering commitment to yourself.

Which is why that is the Cure.

The only way to dissuade yourself of impossibility is to DO the impossible.

Depression might just be the battle ground that forges you into a Warrior of Possibility. A warrior who, after mastering an internal battle with depression, can no longer be cowed by impossible external challenges. A warrior who really knows what it means to create inner peace, so no longer feels powerless to create external peace.

Only you can recover your own mental health. Are you ready to do the impossible?

Your Pilgrimage will be iterative. That means, when you take your first step, you will see that you were able to successfully take a step and that will give you the courage you need to take a second step. Each small step will incrementally build your belief in the possibility of recovery and increase your commitment to succeeding. As you slowly see yourself beginning to have success, your momentum will increase and you will have bigger successes more quickly. Eventually you will reach the point where it’s no longer a question of if you can do it, but only if you will stick to it when challenged. Repeatedly conquering challenges will slowly rewire your brain and create new healthy habits of successful happiness.

I am living proof that this is Possible. Will you join me? First to heal yourself, then to heal the world…


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