Possibility Warrior

Lighting The Way Forward

Hero Blocks, Part 2


The world needs you to reach inside and pull out your inner Hero — so what’s blocking you from brandishing your lightbulb and boldly stepping out into the vast possibilities?

It could be your Orphan.

The record player incidents of life add up and you slowly lose the innocence you were born with.  That’s when your Orphan steps up to deal with the mess.  Someone’s got to fend off the bullies and cope with the social hazards of a kid’s life.  Your Orphan is the one who got you through those harrowing days of youth, bravely putting up a front or cautiously hiding in the shadows.  Your Orphan had to figure out who was friend and who was foe, creating coping skills on the fly for the new issues constantly arising. And all this while dragging in tow your helpless Innocent who kept falling apart over every unexpected bend in the road!

Have you ever thanked your Orphan for saving your whiny butt?  Your Orphan hid your weaknesses, kept your crying inner child under wraps, and found others to join forces for greater protection.  Your Orphan kept you alive into adulthood, babysitting your Innocent while you were missing in action.  Your Orphan doesn’t have the time or energy to be a Hero — they’re too busy keeping the family afloat.

Now it’s time for your Hero to step up and take the burden off the shoulders of your Orphan.  That’s what it means to grow up and become an adult…

Hey Hun, thank you so much for jumping in and caring for the family while I was in the prison of my inner demons.  I’m ready to take the reins and be the parent you need.  I now have the ability to find and train myself to use healthy coping skills. I now believe in my inherent self-worth.  I now know how to cultivate relationships with others who love and support me despite my flaws.  I now know that I live in an abundant universe full of possibilities and options.

It might take a bit of a pilgrimage to find our way, but I’m determined to see it through.  I’m going to love you out of all your past fears and blocks.  Together we’re going to walk towards the light and discover that all those scary monsters are really just trees and bushes distorted by the darkness.

We’re not alone anymore, sweetheart!


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