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How Was Your Hike?

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I love hiking, it’s one of my favorite activities.  But recently I went on a pretty sucky hike.  The whole way up I was just dragging with absolutely no energy.  Even with the mild temperatures and without the usual beating sun, it was still taking me longer than normal to climb up Mount Wilson.  I had to keep stopping to rest, pretending that Abby was making me stop.  Abby, you need water again?  Abby, water?  Water?  Abby?  Abby!  Wait for me!

When I made it to the first landmark, I gave up the battle, rested on a rock by the river, then turned back down the mountain, berating myself and feeling defeated.

Until I noticed my thinking and realized I could change this entire experience with just a change of mind.

I climbed a thousand foot ascent in one and a half miles.  Okay, maybe it took me fifteen minutes longer than normal, but how many people can do this at all?  I certainly couldn’t three years ago!  Even a bit slower than normal, it’s still a remarkable workout — certainly not one that someone with “no” energy could pull off.  That must mean I actually do have energy.  Quite a bit.

Thank you, Julie, for getting out there and doing this hike anyway, even though you didn’t really feel like conquering mountains today.  Thank you body for carrying me up that mountain and back down.  I’m so grateful I can hike without great pain and tribulation, I’m so grateful for my health and vitality.

I had the opportunity to go hiking at a time that most people aren’t free, in a beautiful place that most people will never see.  I was able to enjoy the early wildflowers, the little flowing river and falls from the recent rains, and the amazing views of the valley below.  Plus, Abby had so much fun running and sniffing and didn’t even roll in anything.

Turns out, I had a great hike!

What else can I change about my life merely by altering how I think about it?

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