Possibility Warrior

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Sprint forward, then rest

I Can, It Is Possible, It Is For Me


A year ago I was playing with these words like a foreign language.  I could write them, I could say them, but I couldn’t feel them.  Like saying, “I own a pink unicorn,” the words didn’t ring true.  Since identifying this life-long, deeply felt impossibility and exclusion (from possibilities, not from unicorns), I’ve been reminding myself of this Mantra over and over: I Can, It Is Possible, It Is For Me.

The thing about changing your false beliefs is that you can’t expect to do it overnight.  You grew up with your false beliefs in your most formative years and then you spent years or decades reinforcing those false beliefs.  Now you have to dismantle all of that.

The best way to encourage your new belief is not to wait until you believe it to take action.  IF I believed that this dream was possible for me, what would I do?  What’s the very first, most basic step I would take towards that dream if I believed in I Can?

Expect blowback as you work your way through this first step — after all you’re in the process of doing something your mind and body thinks is impossible!  Reassure your mind that I Can, It Is Possible, It Is For Me.  Look for evidence that this is true to show your mind.  See mind, I’m doing it right now!  It must be possible, eh?

Your body can be even more difficult.  It’ll get sick, lethargic, headachy, muscle-achy, depressed, anxious, crippled.  Don’t get angry at your body, it’s just trying to protect you.  You’ve been telling it your whole life that what you are trying to do now is dangerous.  Take care of your body during the process and let it know that everything is going to be okay.   Give it healthy food, lot’s of sleep, plenty of water, and a bit of pampering.  Give it time to recover then show it how we all survived that first step towards the dream.

That recovery time in the Peaceful Meadow is important for every Possibility Warrior.

A year of sprinting forward then stopping to recover, and the dream is starting to take shape.  There are even moments when I truly believe:  I Can, It Is Possible, It Is For Me.


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