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INFP’s Function Family Outing



Fi: Guess what!  We’re going to the art museum! 🙂
Ne:  Yaaaaaaaaaay!  runs around in circles, sees a butterfly, runs after the butterfly
Fi: Everybody get in the car!
Ne: Yaaaaaaaaay!  Moves towards the car, turns towards the house, turns back towards the car, spins in circles
Fi: Grabs Ne’s shoulder Sweetheart, the car is over here. Opens the front passenger door, ushers Ne inside, closes the door.
Fi: Si, come on, we’re going to the art museum!
Si: What? Why didn’t you tell me earlier?  What art show?  Where?  How long will we be there? Why do I have to come?
Fi: It’s going to be fun, come on get in the car, and bring Te.
Te: Looks up in shock I get to go too?
Fi: Yup, in the car! 🙂
Te: Climbs in passenger side back seat  Wow, I can’t remember the last time I was invited along on an outing!  Oh hey, the middle seat belt is caught in the seat, it’ll just take me a minute and I can get that out…
Ne: Nevermind the seat belt Te, we’ll fix it when a 5th function joins us.  LET’S GOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
Si: It’s the middle of the afternoon! Have you checked that the museum is open and for how long?
Ne:  This is going to be so much fun!  Remember that one picture we saw at that one show, I wonder if anything like that will be there, I liked that guy’s art, not him so much, he was a bit of a prick, but his art was interesting, but oh, not as good as that other guy, remember that other guy, the one who used all the colors, so many colors, OH LOOK!  A balloon!
Fi:  There will be all sorts of wonderful art there, Ne! 🙂
Si: Did you bring a snack — remember how expensive the cafe was last time?
Te: Hey, speaking of expensive, while we’re in the car and I have your attention I was wondering if I could bring up the family finances….
Ne:  No!  Shut up!
Te:  It’s just that I think it would be a good idea if we created a budget and …
Ne: LALALALALALALA, not LISTENING!  Fi, are you going to let her talk like that?!
Fi: Te, it’s not polite to talk about money when we’re having fun! Now I want everyone to be nice and get along, I want this to be a great family outing!  Let’s sing!! 🙂 🙂
Fi and Ne: Singing loudly
Si and Te: Rolling eyes at each other



Fi: We’re here!  We’re at the museum! 🙂
Ne: *Pshooooew, gone*
Te: *Walking off briskly* Interesting set up here, looks like the art is arranged by theme. I wonder if it’s arranged chronologically within theme. *Sees a museum employee* Excuse me, I was wondering if I could ask you…
Fi: Si, would you walk with me, I can see you’re upset and I’d like to talk.
Si: *Shrugs*
Fi: I’d really like to get to know you better.  I think you’re feeling left out and I’d like to make a bigger place for you in our family.
Si: *Look of muted suspicion*
Fi: I’m trying to figure out what you would like; for example, would you to be in charge of providing me with feelings of safety?
Si: I can tell you what is and is not safe and why, based on historical precedent.
Fi: Can you remind me of my innocence and of my value?
Si: *Side-eye* Uh, that’s your job.
Fi: Can you remind me of my hopes and dreams for greater freedom and security for myself and others?
Si: *Sighs* Ne’s job.
Ne: *Waving from the balcony* Hey guys, I’m up here!
Fi: Can you use my imagination to create pleasant and fulfilling experiences that feel good?
Si: Your what?
Fi: Can you give me dreams at night that feel safe and good?
Si: *Throws hands up in the air and prepares to walk off*
Fi: *Grabs her before she can leave* Sorry, no that’s cousin Ni’s job.
Fi: *Thinking* Hmm, can you help me by pointing out the opportunities that Ne has seen or discovered?
Si: *Losing it* Whaaaa!!!  Opportunities?!  That little Ne #$%*… I spend all day running around after her warning you against the hair-brained schemes she comes up with!  If it wasn’t for me you’d be… I don’t even want to think about it! She’s the most impractical, whimsical, fool-hardy… opportunities, indeed!  I could give you solid, sensible, feasible ideas but I’m always the bad guy, the stick in the mud ruining the fun….
Ne: *Rushes in and gives Si a big hug and an ice cream cone.* Look!!!!  ICE CREAM!!!! *Rushes off somewhere to get in trouble.*
Si: *Sighs in exasperation*
Fi: Well how about this? Can you give me body sensations of safety and security on a regular basis?
Si: *Eating the ice cream* I can’t make things up that aren’t true.
Fi: Can you provide me with evidence that I am safe in so many ways by reminding me of all that I do have in my life?
Si: *Cautiously* Yes… I can do that.
Fi: Can you  shift your focus from ONLY pointing out when we are unsafe, to also pointing out when we are safe, and allowing us to experience safety when we have it?
Si: *Long pause* Yes, if you’ll listen to me when I tell you we’re heading for trouble.
Fi: *Beaming!*  Yes!  I can totally do that, yes, I will listen to you when we are taking too big a risk and we’ll talk about it and then we’ll also talk about how we are safe and we’ll enjoy it and, oh this is so great, I feel so much closer to you! 🙂
Si: *Staying calm* Also, could you give me advance notice of important things you want to do, with a really clear explanation of your end goal? I want to make sure we’re prepared and get a list together for Te, leaving her plenty of time to organize.
Fi: *Light dawns…* Ah, I see.  What if Ne and I run our ideas past you and Te for feedback?  You can put them into perspective by looking at what’s happened before.  Ne can brainstorm ways to avoid past mistakes by coming up with new ways around old problems! You can let us know if it’s been done before and how it turned out, and Te can help us figure out how we can best get it done.
Si *Wonderingly* That might be the most sensible thing I’ve ever heard you say!  It could work!  But I’ll need a specific example and a clear process for how we’ll approach this.
Fi: *Laughing*  Let’s go find the extraverts and give it a try! 🙂
To be continued….


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