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Welcome to my first ever animated cartoon!  =)

[wpvideo oJtJfjvd]


INTJ: Walking down the sidewalk half-unconsciously musing to herself about the mysteries of life, consciously mostly unaware of the world around her.

ISFP: Sitting on a sidewalk bench. “There’s INTJ again, wrapped up in her all-important thoughts, totally oblivious of me. She’s going to walk right past me without so much as a nod. I’m so tired of her ignoring me.” Sticks foot out just as INTJ passes.

INTJ: Trips, stumbles, abruptly returns to reality and looks around. “What the… she just tripped me! No wait, maybe I just walked into her?  Why’d she do that?  She’s just sitting there looking at me petulantly. So odd.  What’s her deal?” Why’d you trip me?

ISFP: “What the hell is wrong with her!  She’s just standing there staring at me without any expression on her face. It’s like she’s trying to be rid of me by sheer power of her mind.  She hates me, I knew it, she totally hates me.  Oh s&@%! I got her attention! Now what do I do?  Acck, acck!” Squirms. “Stop looking at me like that!” Shrugs peevishly.

INTJ: “Seriously? She’s like a teenager trying to get attention.” Who are you?

ISFP: “OMG, she doesn’t even know me! She’s so full of herself!” Grows defiant. I’m your ISFP alter-ego.

INTJ: “You’ve got to be kidding me.  MY ISFP?  What use could I possibly have for such a contrary little punk? What do you do?

ISFP: “What do I do?  What do I do? Whatever!” Sticks tongue out at INTJ.  Pulls her cellphone out, slouches on the bench, ignores INTJ.

INTJ: “Make that a 6 year old trying to get attention. I’m outta here. Wait, what’s picture by her leg? Is that a… ooooh, hey that’s a clever picture!  I like the symbolism! There’s a sign of life here!” I like your picture.

ISFP: Sits up, heavens open, light streams down onto the bench, angels sing. “I’ve been seen!  I’ve been seen!” Shyly, Thank you. I painted it to make a statement to the world.

INTJ: “She made that?!” Eyes start to glint as a scheme begins forming. It’s a good statement, you should put your message out there — write a blog or letter to the editor or something.

ISFP: Totally offended! I AM putting my message out there, that’s the point of my ART! Turns away indignantly. Not everyone wants to read all the time. Especially what you write — what are you even talking about?

INTJ: Light dawns. Completed scheme falls into place. You need a job?

ISFP: Eyes pop open. Uh, yeah.

INTJ: Great, you’re hired!  You’re going to help me tell the world what I’m talking about!

The Alter Ego, as I define it, is the personality type formed by the 3rd and 4th functions in your Function Family.  Contact me to learn more about your own Alter Ego and it’s effect on your life.


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