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  1. So would you say that Te, at its strongest, is “extreme commitment”?

    • Thank you for the question, Debbie!

      Te is a Judging Function that is Extraverted, so acts on the outside world. The Extraverted Judging functions (Te and Fe) are by definition decisive and action/goal oriented. They are committed in the sense that they are responsible, diligent, attentive, take on leadership, and act with determination to execute tasks with efficacy.

      The commitments of the Te will tend towards order and structure while the commitments of the Fe (next week’s post) will tends towards the needs of people and creating overall harmony and group cohesiveness.

      “Extreme commitment” sounds zealous and might indicate a judging function that has gotten a bit too full of itself. Overuse of a judging function leads one to the view that the value they have placed on the information at hand is the only possible correct and viable value. This “extreme commitment” to the values of one’s judging function leads to endless animosity, fights, relationship demise, family dissention, patriotic dispute, and nationalistic war.

      Thus, learning to “see beyond” the values of our first judging function is a major goal of self-development.

      ~Julie =)

  2. Hmmm… very interesting, thanks Julie! I was watching the Incredible Hulk tonight and the main trigger that gets “the man” to turn into “the hulk” is “extreme emotional commitment.” (examples: It could be anger, or it could be that someone is in a burning building and needs saving). This made me wonder what “function” was being activated in him to turn the man into The Hulk.

    I remember you explaining to me the difference between Te and Ne.
    If I remember correctly:
    Te says, “It’s possible because I said I would do it.”
    where Ne says, “It’s possible because there are so many possibilities.”

    Is that right?
    And what about the hulk? :-)))))

    • Great analogy with the Hulk — our Hulk comes out when our Inferior Function is triggered. Anytime you act out of emotion, or are feeling over-emotional, that is a sign the Inferior Function is acting up.

      As a side note, emotions aren’t the due to the Feeling Function, a common misconceptions. All functions are subject to emotions — A Thinker can be just as “over-emotional” as a Feeler. Fe helps us self-regulate despite our emotions, and Fi helps us determine what emotions we feel and thus how situations affect us.

      Ne comes up with possibilities — creates them out of thin air.

      Te manifests possibilities — turns them into reality by take action to make them happen.

      ~Julie =)

      • So when the man is triggered to save someone and becomes the Hulk, is it his Te that greeted the energy and focus and action?

      • Oops I meant to say “generated”, not “greeted”

        • I haven’t seen the movie and don’t know the character’s MB type, so I can’t comment on what role Te plays in his personality. The Hulk/Inferior metaphor might break down beyond the hyperbole of extreme emotional trigger.

          • Okay, thanks! I think I got it. Just for fun and in case anyone else feels like engaging this conversation … I did some research and am pretty convinced the Hulk is INFJ. Ni is dominant… as a scientist, he is definitely introverted and uses intuition. Fe is auxiliary… His emotions get strong, fast. If he gets angry, that triggers Se, his inferior function, and he goes animal and becomes the Hulk. Like you said, Julie, the inferior function can more easily lose control, which makes sense in this case.

          • I Googled to see if there was consensus on his type and found suggestions all over the place. The INFJ is one of the gentlest of the types, so it would be ironic if that was his type. The suggestion of ISTP sounded viable to me — the Ti/Se combo is a very scientific one and they are known for flying off the handle in great emotional rages.

          • Hmmmm…. Curious… When the show starts off, he’s very in love with his wife, and then she dies in an accident. He’s more of a lover than a scientist, though he is a really good scientist. Which is why I am leaning toward INFJ. It’s also clear from someone who knows both sides of him that he would never ever murder anyone…. She reassures him the he doesn’t have to worry about that, as the Hulk.

            I’ll look up istp later … Right now it’s time for sleep… So my inner hulk doesn’t take over tomorrow!! Thank you Julie this was fun!

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