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I remember what it was like to struggle with science and math subjects, and I hope to remove the anxiety and frustration from these topics. I don’t just tutor Science and Math skills, I try to also teach a Science and Math confidence mindset! I now have an MS in physics and a PhD in biophysics, despite my struggles, so these difficulties CAN be overcome!

I’ve been tutoring College and High School students for 25 years – since my college work-study days! I’ve also taught classes at the University level, but I prefer working one-on-one so that I can really directly address individual questions and confusions. I take the material as slowly and patiently as needed to find your inner science or math Super Star! =)

I have a wide science background across biology, chemistry, and physics. I have worked as a research scientist and lecturer at Caltech, one of the top technical schools in the world.

I also tutor other topics, including history, english, and writing. I enjoy working with student to learn how to use a structured writing process to produce excellent papers and essays.

Everyone has a hidden Einstein in them! CONTACT me for tutoring and let me help you discover yours! 😉


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