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If you could have your life all your way, what would that look like for you?

Why would you want to consider that question? You might think you know what you want, but if you actually sit down and lay it out, you might be surprised by some of the things you come up with. Once you do this though, the things you want are now clear in your mind. This alone can subtly, unconsciously, start you moving toward your goal. It also gives you the opportunity to move consciously toward your goal!

Here’s what it would look like for me. (I’m in the process of turning this into reality!)

I have a steady, low maintenance income doing things I love that pays for my home and travel. My home is small and cozy, has modern conveniences, but is nestled into nature near mountains. My home is a sanctuary, a refuge I can always retreat to when I need to hide away from the world and live internally. I live simply, I garden, I have dogs, I read, I laugh with friends. I have an enclosed and very private outdoor area full of trees, plants, and bright flowers, with a view of the mountains. I can rest in this haven when I need to meditate in the semi-unconscious state required by my dominant Ni to synthesize the knowledge of my unconscious.

I have good health. I encourage this by eating well and exercising, especially by hiking in the nearby mountains. I have a fantastic yoga studio which is also a community for me, and a lovely, safe neighborhood in which to walk the dogs. I listen to my body when it is letting me know something is amiss, so I can address that quickly. I tune into my emotions and hear them out, so that they don’t have to amplify themselves into my body to be heard. (The aches, pains and illness I can’t avoid, I use as a challenge in which to implement and refine my personal growth and serenity tools.)

I travel freely across the country and to other countries when I wish, to experience the vast beauty of nature, visiting magnificent wild places to enjoy what many others have viewed in awe before me. I take pictures of tiny wonders overwhelmed into insignificance by the sheer scale of the splendors around them. I publish my photography, bringing to light beauty that often goes unnoticed.

In my travels, I also meet beautiful people who live lives drastically different from my own, yet unmistakably similiar. I experiment with novel foods, activities, and ways of thinking. Everywhere I go, I observe, ask questions, engage conversations, and learn. Then I ponder all these things in the silence of my safe retreat, until I have synthesized what I have learned into writing to share with others.

I have close friends from every place and period of my life. The kind of friends you don’t see for years, but when you do, you pick up in mid-sentence, right where you left off, because the bond of connection is deep. I have one special friend, who travels with me from place to place and across periods. He knows my backstory, and participates with excitement as each new page is written. We find the secret to growing more in love with time, by writing our stories together, while never abandoning our individual stories.

I develop, publish, and teach my own ever evolving version of type psychology, as a way to help people understand themselves more deeply, helping individuals find their element, and bringing people together to support each other in the exciting process of living their lives re-imagined. I use this knowledge to build bridges that help people get along with each other better. For example, teaching science to spiritualists and spirit to scientists, or helping couples understand each other better, fight less, and compromise more.

Through all this, I learn both to face life consciously, while remaining deeply connected to my unconscious knowledge. When my time comes to die, that will be one last chance to learn something new. I hope to face it consciously and yet at peace, knowing, as I’ve learned through living, that I have the strength, courage, and power to sail all the seas of life, even death.


Now, if you could have your life all your way, what would that look like for you?


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