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  1. I’m loving these function posts, thank you for taking the time to teach, share and explain them so colorfully and clearly!! You make these very abstract ideas really easy for me to follow along.
    I appreciate the empowerment and insight I gain!

  2. Loved it Julie! It might be long but I am curious to how you think Ni manifests itself when combined with either Te or Fe, and whether it proceeds or comes after the judging function.

    Dom Ni:

    INTJ – Ni + Te
    INFJ – Ni + Fe

    Aux Ni:

    ENTJ Te + Ni
    ENFJ Fe + Ni

    Lately, for instance, I’ve been studying ENFJs vs ESFJs, who some argue are the only true extroverts. Both have Fe in their first function so both are naturally very outwardly people focused. But it’s amazing how the change in their perceiving function totally changes them. They are similar as far as being interested in people but it stops there.

    What’s more, I’ve don’t find ENFJs and INFJs to be that alike, through personal experience, even though on paper they are close b/c they have all the same functions, just in slightly different order. It’s amazing how Ni manifests itself differently in those two temperaments.

    • Great insights and questions Wesley!

      INTJs use their additional intuitive unconscious information to better figure out how to structurally organize the world around them to achieve their goals. If they have a well developed tertiary Fi, they’ll also apply scruples to their design. Otherwise, they can be quite dastardly, evil geniuses.

      INFJs use their additional intuitive unconscious information to make things better for people they care about. They instinctively know and feel what others need. If they have a well developed tertiary Ti, they will also be quite logical about their aid. Otherwise they can be somewhat ungrounded in their attempts to help.

      The INTJ will tend to tune into their intuition before taking action. If at all possible, they won’t take action until all the pieces of the puzzle come together, then they deploy their Te for quick, decisive action. The ENTJ, on the other hand, is likely to step out boldly, taking action in an authoritative and confident manner — until they get stuck, in which case they can turn to their intuition for guidance.

      INTJs and INFJs like to stay in the background. The INFJ will tend to tune into their intuition and only engage their Fe to stealthily move in to help an individual when it feels right to them. The ENFJ, on the other hand, is likely to be energetically and untiringly engaged with as many people as possible, with their intuition sort of as a handy accessory to keep in their bag of tools.

      Ni isn’t a very welcomed function — it’s gotten a lot of people burned at the stake. So the four types with Ni high in their function family (INTJ, ENTJ, INFJ, ENFJ) tend to “get” each other in a covert manner. That others might not see the similarities as readily may be due to a sort of inherent need to hide the operations of Ni amongst most company.

      If you think of Extraversion as a social adaptation, as people mistakenly tend to do, then Fe would be THE extraverted function, so ENFJs appear very extraverted with Fe as their dominant function. INFJs, in my experience, tend to have quite some difficulty developing their Fe and prefer to use it clandestinely in the background for select individuals — which makes them look totally different from ENFJs.

      Incidentally, Extraversion isn’t about being social (except in the case of Fe), but rather about the direction of your energy — is your attention and energy directed outwardly into the world, or internally on your own mental processes. Thus Fe is directed socially, onto the feelings of others, while Fi is directed inwardly, personalizing. Te is rationality, logic, and order directed on the world, while Ti is rationality, logic, and order directed inwardly on the mind. Etc.

      Thank you for engaging the discussion — I obviously love to talk about typology! =)
      ~Julie =)

      • First, extremely good break down. Especially about ENFJs. I’ve known quite a few of them and compared to INFJs, INTJs and ENTJs ( I put them in my own separate ground of Ni users), they seem to use it the least. But I liked how you said they use their ” intuition sort of as a hand accessory to keep in their bag of tools.” Makes perfect sense to me.

        As far as thinking that extraversion as a social adaptation, I agree and wasn’t implying that at all. The E vs I thing is the #1 thing people get wrong. I was making reference to a statement an INTP made to me a year ago that only Fe doms are the only true extroverts out there. I disagreed with him at first until I thought about what he was implying, and I think it had to do with people.

        These are the extroverted functions that are focused externally


        Ne is focused on ideas and possibilities from the outside world.
        Se is focused on experiencing the outside world to its full
        Te is focused on getting things done in an efficient manner in the outside world
        Fe is focused on people and society in the outside world

        So I think he was saying that only Fe doms are the only extroverts that are primary focused on people. The other three, more or less, need people to to achieve their ends but that is not their primary focus. Only Fe is focused primarily on actual people as the means to the end and ends to the means.

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