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  1. Julie Julie Julie!!!!!!
    Your TRUE YOU Voice is emerging radiantly in your writing. YEAH!!!! You are getting funnier too.

    A piece of feedback:

    This and everything below it
    > One of my driving motivations in teaching the Language of Functions is to help You w…

    > But if all the functions work together, then we come up with a plans that change things strategically…

    is language that can and will put you on the map, i.e. Being hired for public speaking gigs.

    It belongs somewhere prominent but I’m not sure where.

    You are addressing our global society AND our individual place in it. It’s brilliant.


    Debbie Happy Cohen

    Co-Creating a New World
    at GetFairyTales.com

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  2. It seems to me the judging functions are so diametrically opposed that it would be incredibly difficult to learn to use them all. Where do I start? Should I take every issue that should be part of presidential debates and find the Ti, Te, Fi, Fe position on every one?

  3. Streuth .. that bored me to tears … couldnt keep reading after the first paragragh..
    why not get down to brass tacks …??

    All TIs have to do is focus on making some serious uber-engineered music

    …women will fall at their feet

    ..and everything else will work itself out ….. ; 0

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