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Not Broken

Not Broken


You are not broken.

But if you think you are broken, then you will act like you are broken. And you’ll stay stuck, acting like some broken person, when you aren’t even broken.

You have had some tough life experiences, you have some wounds that will take some working through.  But they didn’t break you.  That’s why you have this desire to recover, to find a way out of the Dark Forest, to reclaim who you know you truly are.  If you were broken, you wouldn’t have that nagging thought, however tenuous, that this is not all there is to life, that you were meant for so much more.

Stop pretending that you are broken.  Stop gathering ’round the campfire of brokenness, stoking your tales of woe.  Stop erecting these self-imposed limits to your own radiance; the light doesn’t need to filter in through your poorly patched up cracks… YOU ARE the light.

The truth is that you can heal your inner Orphan. And you will heal, one step at a time, day by day, because deep down you know there is a Hero within you longing to shed this belief in brokenness.  As you do heal, you will see first hand the difference your loving care and kindness can make in a human life (your own). This will give you the confidence to bring your desperately needed brilliant light out into the world.

You are not broken.  Can you believe it?


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