Possibility Warrior

Lighting The Way Forward

Out of the Dark Forest


Once there was an orphan stuck in a Deep Pit. She had been there so long, it seemed impossible to get out.  Yet somehow she knew she was not meant to be there.  She was certain that somewhere outside was a beautiful, sunny place where she was meant to live.  And so she gathered her courage and tried to climb out of her pit.

The walls were high and steep, it was muddy and slippery and there were no good footholds.  She called for help and kind people threw her ropes so she could scramble out of the pit.  But she found that the Deep Pit was in a Dark Forest.  Everyone pointed her in a different direction.  She began to make her way cautiously through the Dark Forest.  She became lost and scared and felt very alone.

She slipped and fell and found herself back in the depths of another Deep Pit.  It was a familiar place, she was discouraged, she settled in for awhile.  But she was so tired of the Deep Pit, and she believed she could find her way out of the Dark Forest.  So she called for help and again kind people helped her out of the pit, and it was easier this time.

And so she wandered, lost in the Dark Forest, meeting other lost orphans.  Sometimes she would stumble and fall back in a pit, but she had figured out how to get out of the pits now.  Each time it got easier, and each time she made it farther through the forest before losing her way. She took solace in this and realized that she was no longer just wandering; she was making a pilgrimage out of the Dark Forest, and she would find a way out if she didn’t give up.

She began to discover parts of the forest that were not as dark and dense.  There were fewer pits, occasional birds or flowers, and she met other pilgrims.  Slowly but inevitably, the forest transitioned into a meadow; a lovely, fragrant Peaceful Meadow full of colorful flowers, chirping birds, and peaceful animals.  She was immensely grateful to have finally found her way out of the Dark Forest after so much time.

She walked to a nearby village and found it full of happy people who lived a life of abundance and security.  She was amazed to find a whole new world of possibility outside of the Dark Forest.  And that’s when she knew she must go back to the Dark Forest and tell of the Peaceful Meadow and Abundant Village.

She became a fledgling Warrior of Possibility.  She went back to the Dark Forest, to clear out paths for other lost orphans.

Archetypal inspiration from The Six Archetypes of Love by Allan G. Hunter.
Pilgrimage inspiration from The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.


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