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In working with my clients, I begin with the Myers Briggs Type system because it is the most popular and familiar version of Carl Jung's original personality theory. I want to clear up common misconceptions about this personality typing system and help each person find their “best fit type.”

From there we can take a deeper dive into the original Psychological Type system as developed by Carl G. Jung, the famous Swiss psychologist. Here we learn about the Cognitive Functions (ways our brain thinks) and how this affects our personality, experience, behavior, maturity, and relationships.

This is where the revelations begin. Within this framework of understanding and using the Language of Functions, we can then explore and begin to understand why our life has unfolded as it has. We can identify and honor our true strengths and realize them for the superpowers that they are. We can identify and embrace our weaknesses, learning how to cultivate them into strengths rather than see them as character flaws.

After each individual in the relationship has worked with me individually to find their Type, we can work together to understand how the Functions of each individual affect the relationship. This is useful for couples, families, friends, work partnerships -- any relationship in which you would like to move from friction between Functions into mutually enhanced Function Flow.

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