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February 27, 2018
by PoWa

What Else is Possible?

A friend of mind recently made a good point that humility and curiosity go together. It takes some humility to admit you don’t already know everything, and not already knowing everything is prerequisite for the curiosity to learn more. When … Continue reading


November 21, 2016
by PoWa

Projection and Hate

“If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself.” ~Hermann Hesse Projection is a psychological process where we attribute qualities within ourselves to others . It’s a long recognized human emotional defense tactic of self-justification … Continue reading


November 10, 2016
by PoWa

Pramila Jayapal

Pramila Jayapal made history yesterday as the first woman elected to Washington’s 7th Congressional District, the first person of color elected to the Washington State Democratic Delegation, and the first South Asian woman ever elected to the U.S. House of … Continue reading


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