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PoWaI noticed a correlation between the Functions and chakras that inspired my color and symbolic scheme for the Functions. Both the chakra model and the Function model represent archetypes of the universal experience of the human being throughout time.

While there are many chakras, the seven most well known start at the root of the pelvis and make their way up to the crown of the head through the body and the colors of the rainbow.

The Root Chakra is like Introverted Sensing. Si is the most sensible function, grounded in common sense based on knowledge of past human experience. Deep brick red in color, and solid and rooted as the mountains, Si honors all that has come before and carries those lessons least we forget and repeat the mistakes of the past.

The Sacral Chakra is like Extraverted Intuition. Ne is our source of vitality, life, and creativity. It is the location of the womb, the center of our balance, and the internal fire from which we find our meaningful existence. Bold, orange, vibrant, energetic, Ne brings forth the new and exciting.

The Solar Chakra is like Extraverted Thinking. Te is our ability to manifest our dreams and desires into reality. Like the sun, it is our source of internal power to command, direct, organize, manage, and make happen. Bright, hot, yellow, and unstoppable, Te takes action.

The Heart Chakra is like Introverted Feeling. Fi is the heart of our feeling center, where we assess the personal impact of all that takes place around us and within us. We are gardeners lovingly tending plants, nurturing them to grow from tiny shoots to hearty green plants laden with fruits and raw, healthy sustenance. As we do so, we develop a deep understanding of the processes of life to guide our behavior to cause the least harm and greatest good in the world.

The Throat Chakra is like Extraverted Feeling. Fe is our center of communication, both to sing beautifully and authentically on our own, and to pull the flock together in united chorus. When leadership is recognized according to individual gifts, each member of the tribe shines forth their highest personal potential and the flock soars the blueskies together to its highest heights.

The Brow or Third Eye Chakra is like Introverted Intuition. Ni is our ability to connect internally to our unconscious knowledge and understanding. The world within is strange, nebulous, and speaks in symbol and vision. If we are open to this insight, a whole new world is ours to explore and realize into our conscious, waking world. Deep, purple, mysterious, our psyche offers limitless, bountiful expanses.

The Crown Chakra is like Introverted Thinking. Ti is the human mind reaching beyond personal limitations into the vastness of the universe to define the laws of nature that govern all things, living and inanimate. The incredible development of human reason allows us to tap into the grandness of all that exists, teasing out the inherent rules of order, drawing understanding from the confusion, increasing the collective wisdom of the human race to propel our conscious growth and enlightenment.

In addition, there are our senses, encompassed in Extraverted Sensing. Se is our purest connection to the world, as it is our actual experience of physical stimuli. Luxurious and indulgent, the senses love to be stimulated, to revel in sensation, the sensual, the sensational. It is in the nature of this function to seek out the decadent and avoid decay, as this is essential to joy filled survival.

As in the chakra system, it is necessary to balance each function in order to live most fully. This means understanding each function and how it operates in you, observing it in action, and learning to navigate each function, bringing them into cooperation with each other.

Contact me if you would like to work on balancing your functions (and in the process, your chakras!).


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