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Today I am so grateful that I am headed out camping. I’m grateful that I have so much opportunity for great camping where I live. I’m grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to live in California for four years, where I get to see sunshine and mountains nearly every day.

I’m grateful that I get vacation time. I’m grateful that I have an income. I’m grateful that I have a nice place to live in a safe and friendly neighborhood. I’m grateful that I have a vehicle for transport and money for gas. I’m grateful that I have the luxury of buying healthy foods from awesome grocery stores.  I’m grateful for the gift of every breath.

I’m grateful that I have the perfect dog for me who is a constant beloved companion. I’m grateful that I have amazing friends from every era of my life. I’m grateful that I can keep in touch with them and still connect on such a fundamental basis. I’m grateful to be camping with one of them and her family and friends this weekend!

I’m grateful for nature, for the outdoors, for how connected I feel to the earth when I’m car camping in a controlled environment. 😉 I’m grateful for bonfires, for the mesmerizing flames, the way they make food delicious, the warmth on a cool evening, the automatic closeness it brings with other people, the smell that lingers the next day.

I’m grateful for mountain hikes, for the challenge of climbing, and the reward of amazing views. I’m grateful for exercise that I actually look forward to doing. I’m grateful for sophisticated hiking gear that makes it easier on me. I’m grateful for CamelBaks providing ready access to lots of water.

I’m grateful for sunshine, how it fills me with life and optimism. I’m grateful for shade, how it protects me from direct sunshine. I’m grateful for sunscreen, which allows me to be outside in sunshine.

I’m grateful I am learning how to let the fears pass through me and move on. I’m grateful I am learning how to change my mind by changing how I think. I’m grateful that I am learning the self-awareness that makes these things possible. I’m grateful I am sharing this journey with you.

Today you are so grateful that ____ …


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