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I used to struggle with science and math subjects as a student, and I hope to remove the anxiety and frustration from these topics. I don’t just tutor Science and Math skills, I try to also encourage the growth of self-confidence. I went from struggling with these topics to getting an MS in physics and a PhD in biophysics, so I am proof that these difficulties CAN be overcome, and I want to help others do the same!

I’ve been tutoring middle school, high school, college, and grad school level students for over 25 years – since my college work-study days! I’ve also taught classes at the University and Graduate level, but I prefer working one-on-one so that I can really directly address individual questions and confusions. I take the material as slowly and patiently as needed to find your inner science or math Super Star! =)

I regularly with students with IEPs. I think it should be the norm for all students to have individualized education because the needs of so many students are not being met by our current system. I tailor my tutoring approach to meet the needs of each student, meeting them where they are at. I have worked successfully with students with a variety of issues hindering learning, including ADHD and students on the autism spectrum. I personally am on the autism spectrum and have ADHD, so I understand the struggles!

I have a wide science background across biology, chemistry, and physics. I have worked as a research scientist and lecturer at Caltech, one of the top technical schools in the world.

I also tutor other topics, including history, english, and writing. I enjoy working with students to learn how to use a structured writing process to produce excellent papers and essays.

Due to health issues, I currently work with students online using Jamboard and Zoom. Assignments can be shared on the screen so that we can both write on them together, so it works well.

CONTACT me for tutoring and let me help you discover your inner science and math ability! 😉

Reviews available at Wyzant (lower price for contacting me outside of Wyzant).


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