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You may have noticed some changes to my site.  I’ve updated it to reflect my new business, doing something I’ve loved for over two decades! Psychological Type Analysis!!

It started as a senior in high school, when I took the MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) in the career center.  I was mortified by the description of my MB Type and vowed to fix myself.  I worked really hard at this all through college — overcoming my crippling shyness, learning to engage emotions, figuring out what to do with hugs, tearing myself away from studying to socialize now and then. At the end of college, I retook the MBTI and…. came out exactly the same type!

I continued to use MB information to help me use my strengths and overcome weaknesses.  I had been observing human behavior from the moment I became aware of the existence of other humans, and I could see that MB had hit on some general patterns that I had also noticed. I started having others take the assessment so that I could figure out why they behaved so strangely. Eventually I got good enough at guessing types, that I could use this information to help me get along better with people at work.  I used MB information in my personal relationships, so that we could understand each other, our differences, and how we could complement each other.

I discovered there was more to the theory of Types than I had found through MB, which is based on the type theory originally published by the famous Swiss psychologist Carl Jung in 1921.  The more I learned about his original theory, the richer I found it.  While there is benefit to the MB system, Jung’s original theory of Cognitive Functions has so much to offer anyone who wishes to “know thyself.”

After reading Jung’s book, Psychological Types, so much fell into place for me. It gave me immense insight into myself, my history, my interests, strengths, and desires. It validated what I felt was true for me and gave me a language and framework for moving forward. It helped me understand others and my interactions with them at a far greater depth.

I began working with other people and sharing this information.  I found others responding as I had. Suddenly your life makes sense; you gain a profound respect for yourself and how hard you’ve been trying to be who you truly are in the face of all the factors in society that tell you to be otherwise. You can see why you had the memorable experiences and particular struggles you did as a child, and why you carry blocks and frustrating stuck points with you as an adult. Even better, being able to name your experiences and fit them within the type theory enables you to figure out where you need to focus your efforts to find balance.

The Cognitive Functions of the human brain, as described by Carl Jung, are alive, dynamic, and at the root of all of our behavior, reactions, hang-ups, and ability to flourish. We can feel the effects of this interplay of functions in our lives as they operate, acting from our unconscious. We sense them as latent strengths waiting to emerge into our conscious awareness. In order to achieve what we are capable of, we need to become fluent in our entire cognitive capacity, in all of its available functions, and in the right balance.

I would like to share this information with you, tapping you into the natural laws of the human psyche, connecting you to your core, guiding you through the essence of your functional emergence. I am offering individual and group consulting on Psychological Type and its impact on you, your personal growth and development, and your relationships.  Please contact me if you would like to learn how to use the knowledge of Cognitive Functions to empower your own potential.

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