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Lighting the Way ForwardWho Are You?  

Why Are You Stuck in Old Ruts?

How Can You Create a Fulfilling Life?

I will be your instructor and coach, to help you understand yourself and answer these questions. You can learn about yourself and others on a deep level, to promote your self-development and improve your relationships.

I’m seeking those who see self-development as an essential part of life. Those who use life experiences as growth opportunities — people on a quest for new ways to break through old blocks and function at higher potential. I want to share a framework for profound self-understanding that will help move you past “stuck” and more quickly into the “flow” on your growing edge.

I’ve developed the Tao of Type to open up powerful new possibilities for your life by understanding your underlying driving functions.

  • Figure out why you’ve been stuck with unhealthy patterns:
    • Choose the wrong relationships?
    • Can’t get organized?
    • Emotionally-driven eating?
    • Have trouble expressing emotions?
    • Afraid to trust your intuition?
  • Reprogram old habits and adopt healthy behaviors
  • Discover your “Superpower” and learn to deliberately engage it
  • Find clarity around your career choices
  • Improve your personal relationships, resolve long-standing sources of frustration, and lay the groundwork for greater trust and intimacy
  • Develop healthier relations with and deeper understand of family members, including how to negotiate functional family peace treaties
  • Deal more effectively with coworkers and turn them into partners
  • And much more!

Deep down, you know the truth of who you are meant to be, even if internal or external influences have pressured you to think, live, or act counter to your natural preferences for decades. By learning about the Tao of Type and practicing it with the Function Flow, you can begin understanding, embracing, and validating the extraordinary potential you know is within you!

It is life-changing to acknowledge and honor who you really are. The truth is that doing so is essential to your ability to thrive, flourish, and contribute to the forward progress of humanity. This is the path to realizing your highest potentials, I would be honored to help light your way forward.

We will start with an initial Type Analysis Consultation, to find your “Type” using Jungian Typology. I will guide you through learning and applying the Tao of Type to your daily life. I will share practical tools I’ve developed, so you can flow more smoothly around issues in your life. We will develop a customized toolkit, personalized for your Type and areas of growth, to use as your blueprint for moving through life with ease and balance.

I invite you to Contact me now to Discover The Power of Your Personality!

~Julie A Hoy, PhD


Yellow Ideas!Benefits
Take a deeper look at the real life benefits of Type Power.

Purple IdeasTestimonials
Feedback from some of the clients I’ve had the privilege to work with!


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