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Type Power Benefits

What can Type Power do for you?

Validation of Who You Are

Among the many benefits, foremost is validation that how you naturally function best is a normal part of the spectrum of human nature.  Many of us have had core aspects of our psyche negated by our environment, for differing from the dictates of family, culture, or religion. It can be healing to know you are not flawed, unnatural, or wrong for being as you are.  In fact, it is necessary for your own fullest flourishing and the forward progress of humanity for each of us to acknowledge and accept the uniqueness of who we are as our special gift to the world.

Identify Your Personal Superpower

Once you understand the Language of Functions and the roles the Functions play in your life, you can use this information to make sure you are nurturing and expanding your strengths.  Most people tend to think everyone can also do what comes so naturally to them, but that is not the case.  The “gift” that comes with the combination and order of your particular Functions is your Superpower, what you can bring to the world in a way that does not come naturally to most others. You are helping yourself and the world by developing this superpower and consciously bringing it into the lives of those around you.

Turn Weaknesses Into Strengths

Of course, we also need to use this information to develop those Functions that are not our strengths.  A deeper understanding of our Type must not be used to excuse away our weaknesses.  We can reach our higher potentials only when fully utilizing all of our cognitive abilities.  Indeed, in developing your lower (ie, less conscious) Functions, you will likely have experiences that are huge personal revelations, giving you access to parts of yourself previously difficult to connect with consistently.

Decrease Conflict and Increase Harmony In Personal Relationships

Understanding Functions can also enhance your relationships.  When we know the Types of those close to us, we can examine the impact of the differences in our Functions.  We can examine how these differences might be leading to the conflicts we have and develop ways around these triggers based on this understanding.  We can predict ways that our Functions can work together to enhance each other and develop exercises to bring our Functions into flow together to grow greater relatedness.

In many ways, the order of your Functions provides a blueprint for your personal success! I call this the Function Flow, and it can provide a pathway for you to follow in your journey of self-discovery. Even if you are decades into your journey of self-actualization, you will see yourself and your history very clearly in the descriptions of your Functions. Even more, you’ll then have the opportunity to shine a new light on the dark areas that have remained elusive despite all of your dedicated work, reinvigorating your internal exploration and offering illuminating insight you can immediately start putting into practice.

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~Julie A Hoy, PhD, Jungian Typologist


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