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Function Flow

Make your Functions Flow!
(What does that even mean?)

The four functions are somewhat like the four points of the compass… I would not for anything dispense with this compass on my psychological voyages of discovery.  ~C. G. Jung

Like Jung, I’ve found my understanding of the Functions indispensable for understanding myself and others.  I’ve developed the concept of Function Flow — the idea that everything flows more smoothly in your life when you use your functions in the order of preference of your particular psychological type.  I have learned to use the Language of Functions to work through issues to become unstuck by engaging my Functions in my natural order of preference.

This is the heart of my work, which I would like to share with you. After doing an initial Type Analysis Consultation, I will guide you through learning the Language of Functions and applying this language to your life.  We will develop a Function Flow, personalized for your Type and areas of Growth.


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