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Type Power“WOW! I cannot believe that in one day I have learned so very much about  myself! You are great, the way you have shared with me information that I was initially so very afraid of taking in. You gave me breathing room and allowed me to learn at my pace. This felt soooo right! Thank you for that. I feel like you have really catapulted me to a breakthrough and are supporting my intention to shift.”
~Dr. Katherine Perez-Rivera, PhD, Licensed Psychologist, Pitman, New Jersey, ESTJ


Type Power“I’ve had a long-time interest in the Myers-Briggs theory, but it always seemed a bit too much like putting people in boxes. After a couple hours with Julie, using her interpretation of Carl Jung’s original theory, I felt like a new person with a deeper understanding of and appreciation for my natural tendencies and how I interact with people.

What I like so much about Carl Jung’s theory is that it takes a critical thinking and step-wise approach to self-analysis. As a scientist, I find that this kind of analysis is appealing and refreshing compared to other forms of counseling I’ve tried.

I think this type of analysis is beneficial to anyone – whether they are experiencing a sudden emotional crisis, struggling with a long term issue, or interested in improving their self awareness and relationships.”
~Christine Morrison, Chemist, Phdc, Pasadena, California, ENTJ


Type Power“After talking with Julie, I know more about my personality, the super power (positive) and the negative side. I know what I can do to honor myself and use creativity to have effective communication (express my thoughts) with others. I would love to talk with her again to dig deeper about myself.”
~Sophie Chen, Marketing Assistant, Pasadena, California, ISFJ


Type Power“Julie has mastered the art of empowering people through the Jungian personality functions.

I’ve taught personal development classes to thousands of people, since 1995, and I have a Master’s Degree in counseling. Trust me when I say that I’ve taken A LOT of personality tests. When Julie invited me to take yet another one, I inwardly rolled my eyes, but I went along with it. And boy am I glad I did!!!

Taking the test was okay (it was painless and took less than 15 minutes). But the consultation with Julie that followed knocked my socks off. She helped me see where my superpowers are and where they have always been. She helped me see which of my values needed “upgrades” and which “functions” of mine were either being too dominant or under-developed. Through our work together, I have been more effective and powerful in the work that I do, as well as in my personal life.

If you are looking for depth, clarity and answers to why you behave the way you do, along with kind and strong suggestions about how you can create more balance and ease in your life, schedule a session with Julie. And keep coming back as long as you want more. Ask questions, keep the conversation going. If you’re in therapy, it’s a great supplement. If you’re not, it’s a great place to build your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. Best wishes!”
~Debbie Happy Cohen, Alabama, M.A., Author and Coach, INFP


Type Power“As a clinical psychologist I strongly recommend this assessment. Julie provides not only tons of information in a very clear way, but also actionable knowledge as well as concrete tips to gain more balance in your life. Her passion and expertise on the subject are also remarkable. Do not miss this incredible opportunity to learn how to co-create a different experience.”
~P.V., Licensed Psychologist, Buenos Aires, Argentina, ENFP 


Type Power“After Julie Hoy shared with me her profoundly deep insight into the Jungian Cognitive Functions (i.e., her analysis and interpretation of my test results), I felt as though I was walking away with a treasure chest full of surprisingly rich and highly valuable jewels… countless illuminating mirrors in which to more clearly view myself — both past and present — providing me with that much more self-awareness to aid me in creating a better future in every dimension of my life. In hindsight, I see a clear connection between Julie’s sage-like analysis of ‘types’ and India’s ancient knowledge of life found in the Vedas. This is powerful stuff, indeed!”
~Willy Mathes, MA, Ed, Mentone, Alabama, ENFP


Type Power“Thank you so much Julie, the assessment you did was amazing! Julie made me feel so seen and valued as I have probably never seen even myself. Had some total new appreciation for myself and others, and how we are different and yet compliment each other. Julie gave me a very clear sense of what to focus on next to develop more.It also made it very clear how important and vital it is for me to express myself (through art).”
~Claudia Dose, Artist, Los Angeles, California, INFJ


Type Power“Working with Julie has helped me to understand myself more than any session with any therapist or any self-help book I’ve ever read. Her intuitive understanding of Carl Jung’s cognitive functions has helped me understand what I should be looking for in a life partner, how to better interact with my family members and how my personality type, in its strengths and weaknesses, contributed to not feeling appreciated in my professional life. Based in part on Julie’s understanding and wisdom, I am currently redirecting my career and learning to trust my intuition more. I wish I had met you 15 years ago!”
~Amy E. Gregory, PhD, Austin, Texas, ISFJ


Type Power“I am excited to recommend Julie Hoy and her incredible work using Jungian Functions to help others fulfill their potential. Julie reviewed my Myers Briggs Type results (I’m ENFJ) with me and she helped me really deeply understand them. For example, I had for years been yearning to work with groups of women. I started a coaching group for women who have been long-term one-one clients. This has been an extremely fulfilling experience for all of us in the circle. Apparently my dominant function “Fe”/ Extroverted Feeling” makes this work a natural fit. Yay – validation and encouragement for me! If you are curious, do explore Julie’s site and reach out to her!”
~Milisa Burns, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Strategic Evolution Coaching & Consulting, ENFJ


Type Power“Julie Hoy has perfected a really great method of interpreting the MBTI and Jungian Psychological Types systems, utilizing her competent scientific background and intuition skills to gain deep insights into our psyche. She pinpointed my type which helped me to understand myself better and my relationship to my siblings, boyfriends, and childhood experiences. I had no idea this assessment and information could be so relevant and enlightening.  Julie, non-judgmentally hones in and encourages us to increase our skills of our lesser traits to consequently bring the balance we so desire into our lives. I now think it’s fundamental to understand from this perspective, the personality types we deal with in all of our meaningful relationships.”
~Sandina Rizzo, Somatic Coach & Bach Remedies Consultant, San Mateo, CA, INFP


Type Power“Julie, please let me express my gratitude for an amazing Type Analysis session with you. Your brilliant analytical mind paired with a 360 degree awareness was palpable throughout the entire session, even via Skype. Your intuitive perception securely guided me on the path, when I felt insecure about some answers. You read the corresponding answer from my slightest most immediate reactions. So impressive!
Your Type Analysis helped me make connections between aspects of my personality which appeared as diametrically opposed, seemingly in complete contradiction. In medical fields, I might have been diagnosed a bipolar personality disorder, or something along that line. The Function Analysis session with you not only helped me gain a better understanding of my ways, it also offered me solutions and possibilities when confronted with certain situations. It further gave me clarity on what I needed to care for within myself. Thank you so much!”
~Natascha Jean-Marin, Singer, Composer, Founder of the RPK Voice Method, Austria, ENFP


Type Power“Working with Julie Hoy, I was able, for the first time, to use the Myers & Briggs types information to make meaningful connections to my decision-making process and ways to optimize my inherent strengths for the enhancement of all areas of my life. Julie also takes this work a step further by exploring Function Flow, which further helped me understand and work with my unique qualities, even when those qualities run counter to the qualities our society most values. During my session with her I had numerous aha! moments and ended it with a true sense of empowerment. I especially appreciate the way her work supports and enhances other self-actualization modalities. I recommend working with Julie Hoy without reservation.”
~Jennifer W., Writer, Central New York, INFP


Type Power“Julie’s deep knowledge of Jung’s Cognitive Functions allows a glimpse at the different layers and structures of your psyche. It explains many things you might have noticed about yourself, but never really understood and sheds light on your unique strengths, which you might not have even noticed because they feel so natural to you! This forms a great base for appreciating yourself and others in an entirely new way. It also explains which challenges you might face and what to pay attention to to overcome them. It’s important to get to your true type to discover the effectiveness of the system and Julie supports you in discovering it with her knowledge, intuition and sensitivity.”
~Madlen Abdallah, Counselor, Vienna, Austria, INFP


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