Possibility Warrior

Lighting The Way Forward

Warriors of Possibility, 2015


This year let’s try something different.

Where there is criticism, bring encouragement.
Where there is judgment, bring understanding.
Where there is dogma, bring curiosity.
Where there is complaint, bring gratitude.
Where there is hurt, bring compassion.
Where there is frustration, bring patience.
Where there is hate, turn your back and walk away.

You could exhaust your energy railing against the corruption of the powers that oppress you…
Or you can quietly get about the business of building new structures to replace them.

Rail against racism, or make allies of your neighbors.
Rant at the patriarchy holding you back, or band with your sisters.
Let the corporations siphon your money, or rebuild communities.
Wallow in the status quo, or create something new.

The world is full of victims, but we are the Warriors.
The Warriors of Possibility, 2015.

It’s going to be an amazing year!

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