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Cactus in Bloom

What Else Is Possible? Part 2.


It’s hard to stop sitting on a cactus!  Oh sure, you can try to jump away, but the cactus gets it’s spines in you and becomes a major pain in the tush.  It’s hard to think about What Else Is Possible? when you have thorns in your rear.  I’m trying to do that right now and it’s going something like this:  What else is Ouch, what else is OUCH!

Hello spine in my butt, what are you here to teach me?

tiny, squeaky, high-pitched voice:  “Hello, Julie!  You didn’t realize I was a cactus when you sat on me, you just sit on everything handed to you!”

Ah,ha!  I need greater awareness about what I sit on.  Soooo, I just interacted with another human and, what is this?  Oh!  Oh, this is a cactus.  Okay, deep breath, don’t sit on it, DO NOT SIT ON THE CACTUS!

Why did that human give me a cactus?  Why are there so many cacti everywhere?

tiny, squeaky, high-pitched voice:  “They sat on me too and so wanted to get rid of me!”

Oh dear!  So you’re telling me that all these cacti just keep getting passed around because we’re unconsciously sitting on you and then trying to get rid of the cause of our pain?  Well that’s it, the Cactus Stops Here!  I am not going to sit on this cactus AND I am not going to pass this cactus on to someone else.  I am going to start a cactus refuge where poor cacti will no longer be sat on, where they will be safe enough to even possibly bloom!

Who’s with me?!  Does anyone have any idea what we’re talking about any more?

We’re talking about human interactions.  We’re talking about the thing that is said or done that we take personally, then pass on through complaint or gossip.  Instead of seeing it for the poor abused cactus that it is, and just setting it aside.

Can you imagine What Else Is Possible? when we can do that…


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